Hi, all my PPS (Power Plant Study ) users today we discussed a very important topic which is related to power plant examination like boiler operation engineering exam, boiler second class examination, or boiler shift in-charge interview viva-vice preparation. in this topic, we discussed TOP 30 POWER PLANT VIVA- VICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2021 this type of question and answers mostly asking during BOE (Boiler Operation Engineering ) in paper-1 & paper-2 in multiple type question and answers. these questions become most important when it is awarded 1 mark without any cut-off as well when it asking in the final BOE ( Boiler Operation Examination ) Viva -Vice Examination. so as per looking into these question and answers importance we decided that we must share all these questions and answers with our PPS ( Power Plant Study ) users so let’s discussed TOP 30 POWER PLANT VIVA- VICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2021

Q. 1 What is the purpose of refractory retainers?

Ans. Retainers are embed within the refractory and they retain the refractory to the surfaces.

Q. 2 What are the fuels used in boilers?

Ans. Coal, oil, and fuel gas.

Q. 3 What are the types of boilers used?

Ans. Power boilers, industrial boilers.

Q. 4 What are the steps in design?

Ans. Design. engineering, process analysis, stress detailing, drafting, Documentation, and document approval.

Q. 5 What is the Balance of the plant (BOP) in a power station?

Ans. Coal handling, ash handling, auxiliary piping, cooling water plant, Chemical treatment plant.

Q. 6 What are the aspects to be taken care-off in design?

Ans. Head-room, walkway, access, approach, clash detection, clash resolution, and interfacing.

Q. 7 What is a buckstay?

Ans. Buckstay is a product used to avoid bucking of the slim water walls and steam cooled walls.

Q. 8 What are the software’s used in design office?

Ans. MS Windows, MS Office, STAAD. Pro, CAEPIPIE, CAESAR – II.

Q. 9 What is a de-super heater?

Ans. De-super heater reduces the temperature of the super-heated steam.

Q.10 What is the hardware required in the design office?

Ans. Computer with accessories, Uninterrupted power supply (UPS), Xerox machine, FAX.

Q. 11 What is a deaerator?

Ans. Deaerator is a product used to remove oxygen and other gases from the water.

Q. 12 What software is used for piping stress analysis?


Q. 13 What is a burner?

Ans. Burner is used to burning solid or liquid or gaseous fuels.

Q. 14 What are the plant design computer programs used?

Ans. CATIA, Plant Design System (PDS), Plant Design Management System (PDMS).

Q. 15 What is a water wall?

Ans. The water wall is made of series of tubes connected with each other. Water flows inside the tubes.

Q. 16 What is the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software available?


Q. 17 What is a steam-cooled wall?

Ans. Steam cooled wall is made of tubes connected with each other. Steam flows inside these tubes.

Q. 18 What is the headroom required?

Ans.  Headroom required = 1.800 mm.

Q. 19 What are the types of air-heaters?

Ans. Air-heaters can be a rotary type or stationary type.

Q. 20 What is the walkway width required?

Ans. Walk-way width required = 900 mm.

Q. 21 Why ash collection devices are used?

Ans. Ash collection devices are used to reduce pollution.

Q. 22 What are the types of ash collection devices?

Ans. Mechanical precipitation and Electro-static precipitation are the two types used.

Q.23 What is the load per unit area on the boiler floors?

Ans.  Load per square meter = 500 kg.

Q. 24 What are soot blowers?

Ans. Soot blowers are used to clean the heat transfer surfaces of the boiler.

Q. 25 What are the mediums used for soot blowing?

Ans. Air blowing or steam blowing are the two methods used.

Q. 26 What is the allowable deflection due to loads?

Ans. Allowable deflection = ” Span / 325 “

Q. 27  What is the allowable drift?

Ans. Allowable drift = ” Height / 325 “

Q. 28 What are the types of soot blowers?

Ans. Wall blowers and long retractable blowers are used.

Q. 29 Why stress concentration factor (SCF) is not considered in boiler design?

Ans. The boiler materials are ductile steel. The stress, after yielding, Re-distributes favorably.

Q. 30 What is virtual zero point?

Ans. Large top supported boilers expand cubically with respect to a virtual Zero point near the top.

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